Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Toy Tease: NECA Toys Unveils New Predators

Leading up to Toy Fair, NECA Toys has been unveiling plenty of action figures to tease and excite collectors. Some of those highly anticipated figures come from the Predator franchise. One of those, belonging to their increasingly popular line based on video games of our childhood, is Classic Video Game Appearance Predator 2.

Beyond figure design, NECA's Classic Video Game Appearance figures are also known for their packaging which surely have a place in many display cases. This leads to one of what I call "collector's dilemmas." This one being "to open or not to open" (see below). Check out the box art below along with the package of the first Classic Video Game Appearance Predator from my personal collection. This one is based on the 8-bit NES version. Side note: Despite this figure being released last year, I still have yet to officially decide if I'll open it. It's just perfect for display.

Perfectly timed for New Comic Book Day (some weeks back, I should say) NECA revealed yet another Predator. Here's the Dark Horse Comics 25th Anniversary Predator. This one based on Dark Horse Comics' Predator #1 published in 1989. Pictured next to it is the original issue.

Also be on the lookout for the wave 13 Predators: Renegade, Cracked Tusk and Scavage. These figures continue NECA's move of updating the Kenner Predators from the '90s. Collectors can expect neat design, cool weapons and lots of articulation. I'm sure we'll be able to spot the alien hunters on the pegs by the vibrant card art reminiscent of those earlier Kenner toys.

We just stepped into February and there are already plenty of fantastic figures to look forward to this year. With Toy Fair right around the corner, anticipate more reveals. It's well documented how much of a fan I am of NECA. Their toys make up a sizable portion of my collection and that number will continue to grow with these additions.

What do you think of these reveals? What are you hoping to see on display at Toy Fair? Let's hear it. For more information on these Predators and the toymaker, head over to NECA Toys.