Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cover of the Week for 2-29-12

Happy New Comic Day! We also have Leap Day. And you know what that means, right? That means my friends is that you all should do something you don't normally do. Here's my suggestion, you can try this to, if you're so inclinded. But I suggest you go to that wonderful place where dreams come true. Your local comic shop. And what do you do when you get there? Buy some bloody comics of course. Sound good? Good. But wait, before you head out, you should definitely keep reading. A Game of Thrones #6 variant takes home the prize for cover of the week. Take a peek at this fiery piece.

I have heard all of the buzz surrounding Game of Thrones, but I will admit, I have no interest in looking into the franchise. But this cover rocks. Mike Miller's flaming dragon and lady surrounded by flaming dragon and more flames won me over. I like dragons. I like fire. You put them both together and you have something quite amazing as seen here. She is doing the most lovely fire dance ever.

Does this cover ignite your emotions? Or perhaps you want to release your fiery rage upon me? Well that second surely would be bad for us all. Thanks for looking.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Black Characters You'll Love

Black History Month is about to wrap up, and you know what that means? Nothing really because I celebrate Black history year-round. So even though I did not provide as much content this month as I stated I would, that will be remedied throughout the year. Celebrations consist of many things, and one of those, which I'm doing by posting this is just showing some love for the characters that look like me. Black characters get stereotyped a lot, and as a Black man and a fanboy, I encounter that often. Some of these characters have those within their character. But that's a discussion for later. For now though, let's see who we got.

Let's start off with Black Lightning. I love this pic. It's just so full of energy. His Year One mini was a good read and I was digging his time in the Justice League before that series got all boring and whatnot.

Black Panther. King of Wakanda. Husband to Storm. He's had several series, the recent ones I've followed included his current role as he took over for Daredevil. And that series is being cancelled too. I feel as if they just don't know what to do with T'Challa sometimes. He's rarely just in comic book limbo, but he's rarely doing what he really could be doing. More proof that they don't back Black leads as much as they should. Here's hoping he gets back on track and gets another ongoing. And you better believe that when he does, I'll be reading.

Luke Cage. Power Man. This character has grown much and I'm quite happy about that. He's played a huge role in the Avengers and has developed quite a following because of it. He's also been getting serious action in Thunderbolts. And he's far removed from his tiara wearing days. I'm esctatic about that. I cosplayed him at C2E2 last year and will be doing so again at this years show, with several improvements.

The lady Vixen. I want to read her mini, Return of the Lion, but I'm still missing a few issues. In their relaunch, DC placed Vixen within the pages of Justice League International. I chose to avoid this title, but I am curious as to what she's been up to.

Mister Terrific is an interesting character. Here's a guy I had little knowledge of but was excited to see get his own comic, which I didn't hesitate in reading. I have been enjoying it and am still unhappy about the news of its cancellation with issue 8.

I have little doubt people don't know who this is. Michonne stepped on the scene in Walking Dead, holding a katana (which I love) and two walkers in tow. That's quite an entrance, especially in this comic.

Yo Joe! Here's my guy Stalker. And I'll be honest, in my Joe-verse, he's top man. Hawk may or may not have a spot as General, but I place Stalker above Duke and Flint. He's had a healthy role in the Joe comics over the years and I hope that continues.

Now my man Roadblock. Another of my favorite Joes. As with Stalker, he's played a decent role in Joe happenings in their published years. Also along with Stalker, I hope IDW keeps that going.

GL John Stewart. My favorite Lantern. And that's not totally because he's Black. He's just better to read than the others. I was actually supposed to cosplay him at C2E2 this year, buuut that's not gonna happen.

The original Spawn, Al Simmons, sat at the throne of "Rat City." While he no longer wears the suit due to you know, killing himself about 30 issues ago, he's still special to me. I read him as a kid, and he was my favorite second to the X-Men. As with G.I. Joe, I'm still in the process of hunting down the rest of the issues and I still have a ways to go.

During the process of this I decided to save the best for last. So I present one of my absolute favorite characters in comics. This reaches beyond gender, race, role, or any other aspect. Storm, X-lady supreme holds a special place in my heart.

Don't take this list as being exhaustive or that these were just my favorites. I did not include Blade, Bishop, Cole Train, War Machine, Agent 355, Static Shock (who's getting cancelled too), Prodigy, and so many others. These are just some that I've read over the years. There are many more Black characters out there who will no doubt interest you. I recommend you check them out and get some diversity in your reading. This is Dragon, black and proud, signing off. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cover of the Week for 2-22-12

Happy New Comic Day! There are quite a few good books dropping today. There was also some decent competition this week for the best cover piece. Some of those are X-Men #25 by Adi Granov and the two Flash #6 covers, one by Francis Manapul and the other done by Mike Choi. They were good, but they couldn't top Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #7. Check it out and follow along.

Brought to you by Dan Duncan, this cover displays the brothers, weapons out, in attack mode. Behind them is General Krang. I will admit that I missed out on this ongoing and I have yet to add it to my pull-list. I'd like to catch up, so I'll have to find a trade. To wrap up, I'll just say...Turtle Power!

What do you think? Let me know. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cover of the Week for 2-15-12

Happy New Comic Day! This was not a light week of releases for me. Last time I counted, I had about 16 books that will be sitting in my box when I hit my shop.

Cue cover of the week intro. I feel as if every week I say I have a special pick for you. I don't think I do, but it feels like that. But this week I really do. And it's from another of my favorite franchises. So take a look and join me for a discussion.

I've been a Ghostbusters fan since I was a young fanboy and my love for them has never lifted. I'm diggin this series and will be around for all of their adventures.

Now to the cover. Thank you Nick Runge. I love shots of the GBs when they're lined up together. There's a scene in the first film when they're atop Dana's building after Ray summons Stay-Puft. I always pause it at that scene. But anyway, this is an image similar to that. They're all lined up, calm and ready for action as if to say "bring it on spirits." And the logo behind them as well.

Love it? Of course you do. But if you don't, who ya gonna call? Somebody else, because I love it. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cover of the Week for 2-8-12

Funny book lovers, welcome back for another glorious New Comic Day. The winner for this week comes attached to the debut issue in a new series from Dynamite Entertainment entitled Ninjettes. I've seen the solicitation in Previews, but didn't feel intrigued enough to pre-order it. But I still like this cover. Check out the image below and follow for discussion.

Credit for this lovely woman clutching the katana goes to Admira Wijaya. What's not to love here? Before I touch that, I don't know anything about the series this title spun-off of, so I'm going to call her the mysterious lady.

Ok, so we have a mysterious lady in all black, including the sunglasses. She's got a smoking gun in one hand and a katana (my favorite weapon) in the other. Duel-wielding, ok, I can digg it. But that's not all. Behind, and on the side of her are three very dead women. One of whom may be feeling separation anxiety from her dome. Well, you know, if she weren't dead. And who doesn't enjoy a nice decapitation every once in a while?

I don't really know why she's unzipped partially and her bra is exposed, but that's comics for ya I guess. Well I know why, I just see the need for it is what I should say. But anyway, I still like the cover.

Love it? I'm sure you do. Let me know. Thanks for looking.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Comics First African-American Artist

I'll admit I used to hate history in school. I didn't care about what happened back or what some dead guy (usually some dead white guy) did in this year or that year. And many of those acts were detrimental to my people. At some point though, I began to care. This is because I was able to discover what my people did in the world. I wanted to know who my people were and where I came from. My ancestors did great things, but you'd never know that judging by the history books. Seeing how interesting history can be, I've got a treat for you to kick off this month of celebration.

I love comics and I love being black. You're here because you already know that, well not the second part so much. Since comics are a visual medium and this is Black History Month, let's talk about the first African-American comics artist. His name was Matt Baker and he lived from 1921 to 1959. He was quite active in the Golden Age of comics and was known for being a "good girl" artist.

A 2009 Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame inductee, his credits include, but are not limited to Phantom Lady, Jungle Girl, and It Rhymes With Lust. Below is his cover for Phantom Lady #17.

This piece which was also featured in Seduction of the Innocent by Fredric Wertham. Some of the more knowledgeable and hardcore fans might recognize that. But that's a whole different subject.

Here's to Matt Baker's work in the field of comics. His name shall live on and I have no doubt he's inspired many to join the world of comics. Rest in peace.

Thanks for joining me in this celebration. But the fun doesn't stop there. Stay tuned as I shine some light on the careers and accomplishments of my people in the realm of comic books.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cover of the Week for 2-1-12

Good day comic lovers! Another great new comic day has come and gone. Along with that has come the one month a year during which part of the world celebrates Black History Month. As what seems to have become the theme, at least lately anyway, this cover just stuck out the moment I saw it. And it ties into the celebration. One of my top-5 characters from this franchise. Check out cover A for G.I. Joe #10. Yo Joe!

Dave Wilkins' hands are to credit for this nice piece showcasing Roadblock. As stated, he is one of my favorite Joes. Here, he's letting loose, hopefully on a pack of Cobras with his Browning. We even see some Rattlers below him in another scene and they look to be laying waste to some area and on some other vehicles. A very action packed, intense cover.

Couple of sidenotes: I can't wait to see him portrayed by the Rock in G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation and why did he have to rhyme in the cartoon. I'm still collecting the original comic run, so I don't know if he did then.

Yo Joe! Yeah, I had to do it again.

Like it or hate it? Let me know. I'll be presenting plenty of new content (finally) this month to celebrate my people in the world of comics. Thanks for looking.