About Comic Book Legends:
Comic Book Legends is the voice of its author, Eugene "Geno" Bradford. It exists to provide commentary, from a new perspective, on all aspects of geek culture: comic books, video games, action figures, conventions, etc. This blog has undergone many changes, including name, in its young lifespan before Comic Book Legends revealed itself.

This space reflects diversity. Not only in its author, but also in comics, video games, toys, creators and fans.

About the Author:
Eugene "Geno" Bradford, also known as GENOthaDRAGON, is a blogger and lifelong fanboy. As an avid comic book reader, gamer, action figure collector and convention goer, he wanted to share his passion and opinions with like-minded people. He also enjoys injecting a diverse perspective into nerd commentary. You can follow his musings on these subjects and more on Twitter and YouTube.

Personal Statement
I was the kid who ran around the house with a sheet-cape pretending to fly. While those superpowers never did (or have yet to) manifest, I was destined to remained entwined with nerdom. I launched Comic Book Legends as a means to share my nerd passion and opinions. This blog has seen some changes over the years, including the name. Whether its reading a constantly growing pull list, gaming on multiple platforms or cracking open new figures, I'm all in. With all this, I am also earning my Masters in Counseling Psychology. I am still evolving as a writer and have enjoyed the journey.