Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Comic Cover of the Week

HAPPY NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! Here's to another great week of comics. Among the books I'll be bringing home is BOOM! Studios' Extermination #8. This is the final issue in a fun, but all too brief series. Another comic you'll no doubt be hearing about is Batgirl #16 by Ed Benes.

Ed Benes. What more can I really say? Well how about he's an amazing artist. One who's quite familiar with Batgirl. There's sort of a light and dark dynamic to this image. With a creepy smile connecting the halves. That and the different eyes really make this a terrifying image. And that represents the overall story quite well.

I had the opportunity to meet the talented artist at San Diego Comic Con 2011. It was his first U.S. appearance as well as my first trip to SDCC. Hopefully, we get to see his name on more books.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this or the artist. Now go out to your comic shop and buy some books.