Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Anti-Hero #1 Review

Publisher: Monkeybrain Comics

Writer: Jay Faerber

Penciller: Nate Stockman

Colorist: Paul Little

Letterer: Charles Pritchett

Cover Price: $0.99

Release Date: June 26th, 2013

I'll start by saying congratulations to Monkeybrain Comics on celebrating it's first anniversary in the digital publishing business. I wish them much success in their second year as they roll out more titles. You can view their full line-up at Monkeybrain Comics.

In Anti-Hero #1, mob henchman Callum Finney discovers the identity of masked hero Paragon. I've read a lot of superhero books in my life and even if you break this plot down to the most basic element, which may seem familiar to some, Anti-Hero gives it a fresh twist. Faerber sets a nice pace introducing our two leads, Callum Finney and Paragon, while also throwing in some superheroics to the mix. There's solid dialogue throughout and each character has her/his own voice. It's the build-up that stands out here. Readers will get insight into the worlds of each character and meet some of the supporting cast.

Nate Stockman's visuals carry their weight throughout the book, starting with the cover which is a perfect representation of the book. While his style may not be my favorite, it absolutely works. His characters are distinct and expressive. As you read, you can see how Stockman is a storyteller in his own right. There's also a nice flow panel to panel. With Paul Little's colors thrown in the mix, the end product possesses a gritty look fitting for the concept and title.

Overall, this is a solid title. The book covers 23 pages, 16 of which are story while the other pages are dedicated to extras including concept art and creator bios. Carrying a price of $0.99, you're getting plenty of value with this book. You can purchase this title from Comixology.