Tuesday, August 27, 2013

NECA Toys' SDCC 2013 Exclusive Albino Predator Review

You know what to expect with San Diego Comic-Con: a huge parade of geeky madness. Of course that includes another batch of exclusive action figures for collectors to hunt down. While there weren't as many appealing toys as there has been in the past, the best one is enough. That is NECA Toys' Albino Predator.

Collectors who didn't make the trip would usually have to wait a day or so after the show to order exclusives from various online retailers. Yes, that could include paying exorbitant prices on eBay. But NECA Toys changed it up this year to give their fans a chance. The site, NECA Club, had their toys available over the weekend, DURING Comic Con for the folks at home. When I heard this, trust I didn't hesitate in ordering him. Read on to find out if he's ready for the hunt.


On the front, it's standard fare for the series with the addition of the Comic Con exclusive sticker. The card art features Big Red Predator. More on him later. Looking at Albino Predator, it would appear as if he was screaming "get me out of here." No worries, folks, I freed him from his plastic prison. Flip it over and you'll notice a different art style which is a nice touch. The same style was used for Big Red. His bio describes his unique look. The next set, series 10, will consist of Lava Predator, Nightstorm Predator and Hive Wars Predator. This series is a tribute to Kenner's line from the 90s. They'll be available in the fall.

Now onto the figure. If you don't collect NECA's Predator line, you're probably wondering where this vibrant-colored hunter came from. He's one of the three Predators shown at the end of the fan film, Batman: Dead End. Big Red Predator was released in series 7. To round out the trio, NECA will release Wasp Predator later this year. All three figures are captured in the image below from NECA's Facebook page.

Paint Apps:

I'm sure I can speak for many collectors when I say the paint scheme was a big draw and NECA did not disappoint. Albino's bright orange looks great next to Big Red's armor. It's also a great contrast to the rest of the Predator line in general.

Well hello, handsome.

Within the net design exist some minor inconsistencies, but not enough to take away from such a great looking figure. Even the brown bands on his dreads are painted all the way around.


Albino Predator shares the body of the recent Masked Jungle Hunter Predator with some changes. He's unmasked, which was another big draw for me as he's the only unmasked Predator in my collection. He has a different piece of armor on his right shoulder. His right hand, extending from the iconic wrist blades, is open as opposed to the fist of the Jungle Hunter. Though the figure does not include the shoulder cannon, the slots to fit one in are still there.


If you're familiar with the Predator line, then you know his articulation. Albino Pred has a ball-jointed head, swivel/hinge shoulders and elbows, ball-jointed wrists, swivel waist, swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees and ball-jointed ankles. His "dreads" don't interfere with neck articulation, so you are able to get the full rotation there. The wrist blades are questionable because they're stuck in place and I've yet to put much force into getting them out for fear of breaking them. It appears to be an issue specific to mine, so I can't take points away for that.

The only issue with the design is on the left side. There are two cords, one connecting his chest-piece to his shoulder armor and one from his bicep armor to his forearm gauntlet. Too much movement of the left arm will detach the cords. I know of some collectors who've just removed them anyway.


Seeing as how Albino doesn't rely on weapons as many of his Predator brethren do, he has no accessories. That's how the character prefers to take on his prey, so I don't fault NECA for that. Although, it would've been cool if they threw in an extended spear. Of course I'm only saying that because I don't have one. *hint hint*


As stated, my only issue are the wrist blades which may just be my figure. Overall, Albino Predator is another example of NECA Toys' quality craftsmanship and creativity. He's an awesome figure who'd fit in with any Predator collection. He's also perfect for any action figure fan who collects unique looking figures. Albino Predator retailed at $25. Being an exclusive, a Comic-Con one at that, I'd expect he'd be difficult to find and expensive. If you can find him, he's definitely worth it.

5/5 Skull Trophies

What do you think about the Albino Predator? Sound off below. Thanks for checking out the review and enjoy a few more images of this deadly hunter below.

This was originally for size comparisons but turned into lining up several awesome figures. Also know as the best family picture ever.

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L to R: Warrior, Scout, Albino,
Big Red and Masked Jungle Hunter.

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