Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Comic Cover of the Week: A Man and his Horse

Happy New Comic Day! There are plenty of highly-anticipated books available today. Obviously that's nothing new. Well, except for that week after Christmas. But that doesn't really count.

This week's top art goes to Francesco Francavilla's cover for The Lone Ranger #21 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Francavilla's cover shares some similar elements to last week's Comic Cover of the Week: There Will Be Blood. The immediately noticeable aspect is the color palette. This goes for the number of choices and, to an extent, the colors themselves. There's the red on the Lone Ranger's scarf which demands attention. Beyond that, the character's face is hidden. Concealing his expression can leave it up to the viewer to interpret the mood of our rider. Somewhat disregarding the content of the book, the image as a whole takes you back to the old west and how life was then as well as how it's represented in fiction. It may have been a life of solitude at times. Other times, it was just a rider and a horse.