Thursday, January 8, 2015

Toy Tease: NECA Toys' Devil May Cry ULTIMATE DANTE

While my Twitter timelines were blowing up with the usual internet shenanigans, a tweet from NECA Toys immediately caught my eye. From Capcom's hit action video games series Devil May Cry comes Dante. Take a look at the series' protagonist below, gloriously clad in red.

From NECA's website:

Seven years in the making, this long-awaited action figure is the definitive version of the original Dante, the one who started it all.

The half-demon demon hunter from Devil May Cry stands nearly 7″ tall, with over 35 points of articulation. Dante is extra-detailed, down to his trademark trench coat, which features a dynamic, wind-shaped sculpt. The figure is loaded with accessories, including Ebony and Ivory pistols with removable muzzle bursts, Dante’s sword Alastor, shotgun, and interchangeable hands.

Comes in deluxe window box packaging with opening flap that recreates the look of the original video game box. Limited edition — one production run only!

No denying it, Dante looks slick. For collectors and/or gamers only familiar with the recent entry in the series, DmC: Devil May Cry, Dante's look might throw you off. This is Dante's original look for the first four games in the series. Complete with that cool sword. As a sword lover, you can expect to see pictures of him in my display wielding it in full badass mode. Also, being such a fan of the color blue, I'm curious how he'd look with a royal blue coat of paint with the same style of paint wash.

NECA Toys is known for their high quality collectibles and this one looks to keep that trend going. NECA is no stranger to video games. Over the years, they've consistently (to our bank accounts' displeasure) provided collectors with representations of some of video games' finest characters under their Player Select banner. Some of those have been delivered in full ongoing lines, such as the amazing Gears of War series, or singular figures, e.g. Raziel from Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver.

According to their site, we can except Dante to be available in March. For more images of the legendary demon hunter and information on the toy maker, head over to NECA Toys.

What do you think of Dante? Is there a place for him in your collection? Sound off below.