Monday, November 21, 2011

Comic Haul for 11-19-11

This is actually the majority of the books I picked up last week. I didn't take a pic of the books I picked up Wednesday. Grabbed some Black Panther issues I missed and some Mighty Thor which I hadn't checked out since the first issue. Also a few issues of Fear Itself, which I am behind on. Rounding out the haul are several DCnU books and a few other titles. Also grabbed the Widowmaker mini and the first two issues of Huntress. I'm looking forward to reading both of those. And that's not really sayin much considering I'm looking forward to reading it all.

After leaving my shop, I made my usual stop over at Target to see if they had anything new and they sure did. Grab these two MU comic packs. I really only wanted Taskmaster and Silver Samurai, but whatever. I could've bought them solo off ebay, but it would've cost me about the same with shipping likely. Might as well take the extra figures.