Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cover of the Week for 12-14-11

Once I realized one of my highly anticipated titles was being released this week, my choice for this week was simple. One of my favorite characters, Carnage, returns to wreak havoc and appears to spread terror across the nation in this first issue of Carnage U.S.A. I'm gonna cheat this week because I'm picking both the standard cover as well as the variant. I know you're thinking "what?" But it's ok. One, it's Carnage, and he's awesome. Two, I can do that. So check out the covers below.

The first image is due to the hand of Clayton Crain who definitely has a style that showcases the symbiote. The second is by Humberto Ramos who has doing excellent work on Amazing Spider-Man. I fell in love with his variant the moment I saw the preview for this mini-series. Great pieces by both artists. Carnage is back. Who remembers the line "paint the town red?" I do and I have no doubt this will be a fun ride.

Like them? Of course you do. Let me know what you think. Thanks for looking.