Monday, December 5, 2011

End of November hauls

My wallet has seen plenty action in the last two weeks. I got in a comic order from as well as picked up a ton of books from my shop. And never far behind were some nice toy purchases. Check em out.

This first one was my online order. Lots of goodies here. Plenty holes I needed to fill in. Some highlights are the X-books, Mike Carey's Faker, some G.I. Joe, a few Supergirl books I was missing, and the Elric series I wanted to try after I picked one of the issues for my CotW feature (which you can find here...

This next one is everything I cleared out from my box at my lcs plus other stuff I grabbed off the shelf. It's mostly Invincible Iron Man, Journey into Mystery, and the Avengers titles. Plus the third issue of Shinku.

And finally, the other goodies. You've already seen the two comic packs, but since I hadn't opened them yet, I threw them in the picture too. I'm thinkin about painting Mag's hands, I feel like he should've had some gloves on. Then there's my man Wolverine, I've been wanting an him in his Astonishing costume since the MU line began. His claws seem longer, but I wish there were separated. I suppose I'll just try to do it myself. And I meant to go back and pick up the regular MU Fantastic 4 team set, but I forgot. I'll have to grab that another time. I was not expecting to find the G.I. Joe 30th Crimson Hiss when I went to TRU, but I'm glad I did.

Here's a couple pix of the Crimson Hiss. I took these to post on

I also bought three games on the day after thanksgiving which were Kane & Lynch: Dog Days (on clearance at Target for $6), Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions ($15 at Best Buy), both for 360, and Metroid: Other M ($5 at Best Buy).

Let me know what you think. Thanks for looking.