Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cover of the Week for 1-25-12

Happy New Comics Day! Well funny book readers, here we have another glorious day of comics, so of course that means I bring you another beautiful cover of the week. My pick for this week was an instant winner. I was tempted to not even bother looking through the rest of the covers. But of course, that would be nonsense. So take a look and let's discuss why 30 Days of Night #4 variant takes the crown this week.

Brought to you by Kieron Dwyer, this cover displays a very excited vampire with a bloody mouth hanging out in the snow. Well I'm sure he's not just hanging out, but nobody will know until it's read. But surely you'd like to know why I picked this variant, right? Of course you do. Just look at that face. You see that rage? Awesome I know. The eyes, the blood, and the teeth. It's just an amazing piece showing how vampires can really be. And no, that was not a shot at Twilight. I haven't much knowledge of this franchise other than the film starring Josh Hartnett. But with the release of this ongoing, I was enticed to research, but have yet to do so. That could change. But that's it for now fans.

Love it? Hate it? Let me know. Thanks for looking.