Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cover of the Week for 2-1-12

Good day comic lovers! Another great new comic day has come and gone. Along with that has come the one month a year during which part of the world celebrates Black History Month. As what seems to have become the theme, at least lately anyway, this cover just stuck out the moment I saw it. And it ties into the celebration. One of my top-5 characters from this franchise. Check out cover A for G.I. Joe #10. Yo Joe!

Dave Wilkins' hands are to credit for this nice piece showcasing Roadblock. As stated, he is one of my favorite Joes. Here, he's letting loose, hopefully on a pack of Cobras with his Browning. We even see some Rattlers below him in another scene and they look to be laying waste to some area and on some other vehicles. A very action packed, intense cover.

Couple of sidenotes: I can't wait to see him portrayed by the Rock in G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation and why did he have to rhyme in the cartoon. I'm still collecting the original comic run, so I don't know if he did then.

Yo Joe! Yeah, I had to do it again.

Like it or hate it? Let me know. I'll be presenting plenty of new content (finally) this month to celebrate my people in the world of comics. Thanks for looking.