Friday, July 20, 2012

Cover of the Week

Recent days have been busier than expected, but the show must go on. Things appear to be slowing down meaning these weekly entries will resume their regular Wednesday schedule. It's only proper to start New Comic Day that way. So let's get to it.

A couple books stood at the top of the list. It was a tough choice, but we're going green this week. I'm thinking about the environment here people. This is only the second DC Comics cover to walk away a winner. Take a look at Birds of Prey #11.

You gotta give Stanley "Artgerm" Lau his due. His art is just beautiful. I believe I first came across his work during the previous Batgirl series which actually was the reason I decided to pick it up and I grew to love it. Steph Brown, I miss you. So I am definitely a fan and had the chance to meet him at SDCC in 2011.

For this lovely cover, Artgerm makes Poison Ivy the center of attention with the BoP team entangled in her plants. This book has been one of my favorite DCnU titles and I look forward to it every month.

So my comic friends, what do you think? Is this choice worthy of your vote? Let me know.