Saturday, February 2, 2013

Comic Cover of the Week: An Anniversary Edition

This is a big week for one of the most popular Indie comic books on the stands. Image Comics' Invincible is 100 issues in the game and joins the club as one of the few current titles with a triple-digit issue count. It must be noted five of the other books come from this same publisher. A lot of people complain about Big 2 constantly re-numbering their books. Well, those Indie series keep on rolling.

We all know what comes with 100th issue anniversaries: variant covers. To celebrate that milestone, I'll give you my favorite of the bunch. Here's Art Adams' variant for Invincible #100. And yes, it is the cover I picked up this week. I made sure of that. Now onto death some cool art.

The aspect which puts this cover above the rest is Death wielding the scythe. Death + scythe = I'm sold. The wings don't hurt either. You might know I'm a fan of winged characters. They make for some amazing visuals. The other part I like about this image isn't the characters lying around, you know, dying, but the skeletons crawling around. And of course the tombstone. Because, well, it's a tombstone with the main character's name. I haven't read it yet, so I doubt he dies, but it still makes for a nice visual.