Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Comic Cover of the Week

Happy New Comic Book Day! There are a lot of noteworthy books on shelves today. The Strain #11 from Dark Horse Comics is the final issue of the first series which will return later in 2013 as The Fall. Artist supreme Chris Bachalo is back with Uncanny X-Men #1 joined by writer Brian Michael Bendis. Also available today is the return of the paranormal investigators and eliminators we all love in Ghostbusters #1. Writer Erik Burnham, penciller Dan Schoening and colorist Luis Antonio Delgado (one of my favorite colorists of 2012) unite a new team to take down any of those spooks, spectres or ghosts haunting you.

This segues into my Comic Cover of the Week perfectly. Ghostbusters is one of my first loves and to celebrate its return to comic shops (after a brief break), here is the retailer incentive variant for Ghostbusters #1 by Xermanico.

I had never heard of Xermanico before now, so I did a little research and I can dig his style. I like images of the Ghostbusters lined up and blasting away at some supernatural entity. While nothing will compare to the original team, the new group still looks good letting it fly. The lighting effect is a beautiful touch. The energy from the proton streams shining back on the uniforms finishes the piece off nicely.

Now get on over to your comic shop. Buy some comics. Read them. Talk about them. And for the love of anything and everything, don't cross the streams. Well, unless of course you're being chased by a 100 ft. marshmallow man.