Friday, March 29, 2013

Original Comic Book Art Collection: The Activity

According to my Marvel Comics calendar, today is Good Friday. The item I received today certainly makes that true. The first page of original comic book art I've purchased has arrived. I've been interested in original pages for a while. One of the first times I remember developing an interest in original art pages was while I was talking comics at a restaurant with another fan. The owner overheard and told us how he was a fan as well. It was a great conversation.

A couple years later, here I am. From Indie publisher extraordinaire Image Comics comes page 10 from The Activity #10 written by Nathan Edmonson, drawn by Mitch Gerads, colored by Joseph Frazzetta and lettered by Jeff Powell. This series is focused on Team Omaha which operates within the ISA, the Intelligence Support Activity. This page features team leader Danny "Weatherman" Locke on a mission to [REDACTED]. Sorry, you'll have to read it find out. Check out Gerad's work.

I requested it be personalized to show my team membership, complete with codename of course.

Mitch also hooked me up with a signed copy of issue #10. Seeing as how I have two of those now, my first copy is up for grabs. I'll give it to anyone to read and see why I give this book so much praise.

This is without a doubt an expensive, but fun hobby. I do expect to pick up more original pages in upcoming years, so you'll see more of these posts. Let me know what you think. Thanks for looking.