Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cover of the Week for 2-29-12

Happy New Comic Day! We also have Leap Day. And you know what that means, right? That means my friends is that you all should do something you don't normally do. Here's my suggestion, you can try this to, if you're so inclinded. But I suggest you go to that wonderful place where dreams come true. Your local comic shop. And what do you do when you get there? Buy some bloody comics of course. Sound good? Good. But wait, before you head out, you should definitely keep reading. A Game of Thrones #6 variant takes home the prize for cover of the week. Take a peek at this fiery piece.

I have heard all of the buzz surrounding Game of Thrones, but I will admit, I have no interest in looking into the franchise. But this cover rocks. Mike Miller's flaming dragon and lady surrounded by flaming dragon and more flames won me over. I like dragons. I like fire. You put them both together and you have something quite amazing as seen here. She is doing the most lovely fire dance ever.

Does this cover ignite your emotions? Or perhaps you want to release your fiery rage upon me? Well that second surely would be bad for us all. Thanks for looking.