Saturday, June 9, 2012

Book of the Week

I'll start off by saying it feels good to really be caught up on books. Now I can actually make posts such as these and engage in those ever entertaining twitter conversations we all love. No sarcasm there. Not completely anyway.

Jumping right to the book I'll say it took less than six pages before I was ready to name Thief of Thieves #5 my pick of the week. I wasn't even done reading all of my books and I had another strong contender, but Redmond's tale just happen to stick. I wasn't going to forget about the rest, they all got their fair shot.

I won't give too much away because you should definitely be reading this series, so I'll just briefly point out why you're reading this. As I said before, the first few pages definitely hook you in and you won't be disappointed. That first conversation between Redmond and James is classic. Their friendship and how the scene ends are something special. After that, we see Redmond and Agent Cohen discussing Augustus, Redmond's son. That talk makes an interesting turn when it ties into the another section of the book that deals with Celia forming a group of pros (with a previous ties to each other and Redmond) for a job. Is the next issue here yet?

Okay, so in an odd and probably surprising turn, I do have some problems with the book. The biggest of which is that the only female recruited has no role. And she's a stripper. If there were more to it, it might not be a problem. I have anything against strippers. I've known some and have visited strip clubs on several occasions. My issue with this is, as stated, she's the only female in the group besides Celia, who rounded them all up. That doesn't exactly help out the image of females in comics. And then, all she offers to the conversation is "mmph." The other members of the group each speak multiple times. And they actually use words. But she repeats "mmph" twice, that counts for something, right? You guys have to do better than that.

One other knock against this issue deals with Celia's recruiting effort. She catches up with them either during a job or some familiar setting. Okay, I can chalk up her finding them during a job to possibly her just having some knowledge of their current whereabouts and whatnot. That's all fine. It's the first one which is rather odd. One of the guys is a safecracker. He's using a torch to break into a safe. When he opens it, Celia is waiting inside. Think about that for a second. He had to use a torch to get it open. How did she get in there? If someone has an answer, I'm curious.

Now I know you might be thinking how could this be my book of the week with those two complaints. And that's understandable, but the book overall wins out despite these. It was quite difficult to detail why I picked this book without spoilers. Only you can determine if that effort was successful. I'll go out on a limb and say it was. I still recommend this series. And not because of all the talk about it possibly becoming a television show on AMC. Pick it up because it's a good comic book. So go out and pick it up. As in right now. I'll wait. No, not really, I have video games to play.

So what do you think of my pick? Have a different book in mind? Let me know. Happy reading to you all.