Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cover of the Week

Happy New Comic Day! Tons of good books (as usual) will be hitting the shelves today. One of those books is The Strain #5 from Dark Horse. This series took a brief break after the previous issue and its' return is welcome. Dancer #2 is in stores as well. Though I don't believe I'll be getting it this week because my shop didn't have #1 and I didn't pre-order this one. But I did ask them to order it for me, so hopefully I'll get it at a later date.

So we have another day of new comics and you know what that means? The internet has been set ablaze yet again by some controversy. But instead of dwelling on that poor art (for the moment at least), let's take a look at some good art. Here is Fantastic Four #607.

I've been a fan of Mike Choi for several years and have met him at several conventions. We have Black Panther sitting on the throne as regal as ever. Shining down upon him from the background is the sun. It's a nice piece with the great king on display.

Black Panther is a great character and one of my favorites. I think I may actually grab this issue today. I don't read FF but have been somewhat curious about what Hickman has done with the team. I have issues of Fantastic Four in my collection, but none of them were current issues. Some of those are from the time when Storm and Black Panther jumped on board. The others are even older with Gladiator making an appearance battling the FF.

Here's hoping FF doesn't suck. Happy reading to you all.