Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cover of the Week

Happy Day After New Comic Book Day! That's an official day, right? Well that doesn't matter. I'm still reading books from last week since I've been playing Xbox for the past few days. That'll be made up this weekend though. Lots of good books I'm looking forward to reading.

One of the books I'll be reading is All New X-Men #3. And who drew this good-looking cover? The team of Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger and Marte Gracia. Take a look.

There are two pieces of information of which you should be aware. The first is I love Cyclops. That's actually well documented. The second bit is I've been a fan of Immonen for sometime. If you read my book of the week post for All New X-Men #1, you already know that. His work along with Von Grawbadger and Gracia has made for a good-looking book.

I like to see Scott let loose with the blasting and such. Any artist depicting that will likely get cool points from me. I've never seen it like this though. Here, Scott is just radiating awesomeness. Stuart has the blasts all over the place. The coloring in the explosion and lasers makes the cover pop.

And that's that comic book family. Happy reading to you all.