Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cover of the Week

There weren't a lot of covers that stood out this week. It came down to this one and another pretty easily. Here is Avengers Arena #1 by Dave Johnson.

What I like about this is the yearbook photo style. And of course the characters being x-ed out doesn't hurt. And really, isn't that the best part? Sure it is. I can also appreciate the looks on their faces. Some of the characters are static, but some characters are looking at each other. And I'm not positive, but I'm quite sure two pairs of characters are looking at each other.

I had no intention of buying this book, but I flipped through it briefly and figured sure. I am familiar with Kev Walker's art from his run on Thunderbolts. I can't recall much experience with Dennis Hopeless' writing, but I'll try it out. I've been pretty open about trying new books and I'm digging Marvel NOW!, so what's another book? Let's do it.

Thanks for looking. Happy reading.