Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thief of Thieves #3 Review

If you have not been reading this book, which I recommend, you should be aware of something important. That being the books tagline is “there is nothing he can’t steal, nothing he can’t have…except for the life he left behind” and it’s creeping in as the story progresses. The previous issue featured Conrad chatting with his ex-wife, Audrey, and ended with him holding a picture of his son. This third book picks up right where that left off with him reminiscing about time spent with his son who has yet to be named.

The highlight of book three is the conversation, spread over several pages during breakfast, between Conrad and Special Agent Elizabeth Cohen. This scene, done quite well, reminded me of Al Pacino and Robert Deniro’s conversation in the film Heat. If you haven’t seen that, you should. You have two characters on opposite sides of the law having a sit-down. It's not a big heated situation, but still interesting in how they go back and forth. Cohen is telling him that she’s onto him and Paulson is denying it all. Would you expect more from a Special Agent and a career thief?

After that we see Agent Cohen and her partner Nate as they meet with their superior about their rather questionable methods which led to Redmond being arrested, but allowed to go free. Oh yeah, he’s suing them for four million dollars because of that situation. We’re left with Agent Cohen and Conrad’s son who is in custody. He’s still unnamed and we don’t know what he’s done.

It’s a solid book all around. Visually, I don’t have much to say about Shawn Martinbrough and Felix Serrano’s work. It's not ugly. It just seems to work here. I will say that emotion is conveyed well here.

I’m looking forward to the next issue to find out more about the son and to see what Kirkman and Spencer have in store for Redmond. This book has a couple things going for it. I still recommend it if you can find the previous issues. Thanks for looking my friends.