Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break Toy Haul

Recently I was on spring break and let me tell you, it was pretty good. Around the beginning of that time and during the following week I found some great stuff at retailers. Target, Wally World, TRU, and F.Y.E. were all good to me and at the same time for some reason. Not complaining. I've also spent some time on ebay.

I certainly was not expecting any of these items to be on the pegs. Each store visit where I found something surprised the hell out of me. Particularly stores which haven't carried many good toylines in recent years. I've got Gears of War 3, several lines within G.I. Joe, Marvel Legends, and Marvel Universe. Take a look.

Here are the more militaristic toys of the haul. Gears of War 3 and the Joes. One Sci-Fi figure will be kept moc. The 25th figs I've wanted for sometime but never made the effort. The vintage-styled Joes were some random purchases on ebay. The time spent looking at them let to other evilbay pick-ups.

And here is the Marvelous aspect of the haul. Some Legends and some MU. I'm still missing a couple Legends figs though. Since I already have an Iceman, Magneto, and Wolverine, they'll be kept moc as well as one of the Psylocke and Storm figures.

I know what you're thinking. What a glorious haul, right? This I know. Now I get the fun of opening most of them. This is gonna be fun. Keep it nerdy my friends.