Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - 4-5-12

Welcome back to another edition of Thursday Thoughts. Not that you've been wondering since everyone does it, but the 5-item listing is mostly because it's my favorite number. I use that number when grouping items just about all the time. Two of these topics are about various visuals while the others are more related to series. So let's get to it.

1. I liked Wally West more than Barry Allen primarily because his lightning bolt belt design looked cooler. I'm dead serious. It was all about the belt for me. Plus, my only knowledge of any Flash came from the Justice League animated stuff which starred, you guessed it, Wally West. Before the two previous Flash titles, I did read a few random books, but those purchases were made solely based on cool covers.

Just look at that. Barry's belt looks so weak. Almost pathetic. I'm done here.

2. The Slave Leia cosplays have to go. Don't take that as me discouraging or dissing any cosplayers. It should be fun and I encourage anyone to do it as any character they choose. But it's just one costume I wish I didn't see as much. That could be partially due to my dislike of the Star Wars franchise. Oh wait, no it isn't. Maybe it is because it plays to the fantasy of the stereotypical nerdy male. Yeah, pretty sure that's it.

3. There should be a series based on the Mission Impossible films. Seriously. It would be an instant hit. It covers several genres I enjoy. I'm a fan of Tom Cruise (save your boos). And the movies were highly entertaining. I need to watch Ghost Protocol again to be sure, but I think it might be my favorite of the four. I think it'd make for a great ongoing. Someone should get on this. Hell, I wouldn't mind writing it. Let's make it happen.

4. I still don’t get the appeal of The Watchmen. I've read the series and watched the movie. Nothing special. Maybe it was just the timing of its' release. I kept hearing about how good it was and all that. Then the movie was coming out, so I figured I'd pick up the trade. I read it once and never touched it again except to compare a couple scenes to the movie. I want to read it again, but the motivation never really hits.

5. I hate how much hate superhero books receive at times. I was actually saving this one for a post all by itself, but I figured I'd throw it in now anyway. It's not as if everyone is outright saying superhero comics suck, but when people, creators and fans, complain about the industry, they're certainly implying that superheroes are to blame for many of its' problems. When I hear the comments, they sound pretty foolish. People blaming a genre for some of the problems of the industry as a whole. How about the people who make the comics? The creators who draw and write them as well as the publishers who actually publish them. Changing the thinking certainly reveals some solutions, doesn't it? Yeah, I know, damn me and my logic.

Thanks for joining me again on my weekly rants. Be sure to come back next week (and every other week for that matter), but especially next week because I'll have a special treat to celebrate my first (and maybe only) convention of the year, C2E2. Keep it nerdy my friends.