Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Five-Pack Part 1: The Trick-or-Treaters

Happy Halloween! Welcome to the first of four fun lists. In this part, here are five characters who are definitely going out for some Halloween fun.

Yorick Brown
Yorick is a fun-loving guy. He might even do some magic to get more candy. Plus he’ll have Ampersand sneak around to steal other people’s candy. If asked about his age, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think he’d pull a fancy escape.

Don’t act surprised Deadpool made this list. Not only will he go trick-or-treating and have fun, but he’ll have the best costume in the neighborhood. You have to admire his enthusiasm.

Powerpuff Girls
If anyone on this list is expected to head out on Halloween, it’s Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup. If they see Mojo Jojo trying to take candy from other kids, they’ll beat him up and get back to the fun.

You better believe Mikey is going. He has the realest looking costume in the city. He might even dance to earn some extra candy. He’ll enjoy it before heading back to order a pizza. Of course he’ll top it with some of that candy. What’d you expect?

Ganke Lee
He’s still a young guy. He likes candy. Yeah, he’s going trick or treating. I’m not sure what costume he’ll wear, but it’ll be memorable.