Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Five-Pack Part 2: The Candy Thieves

Happy Halloween! You should watch out for these characters in part two of the Halloween Five-Packs. I say should, but in the end, they're still going to get your treats.

Peter Venkman
Pete Venkman’s a guy that can get things done. What’s he going to get done? Removing a chunk of your candy from your possession. It won’t be out of malice. Pete just wants your candy because candy is good. You can try to hide it, but he’s a resourceful guy. He’ll find it. So expect a raid on your secret stash.

For most of his life, he’s been a bully. He’s been a villain and a hero. He’s traveled around the world. He’s beat up heroes and villains alike and has been beaten. Do you know what he wants right now? Your Reese’s. And he’s going to have them.

He’s already wearing what could be considered a Halloween costume, so why doesn’t he just go trick-or-treating? Because he’s lazy and wants YOUR candy, that’s why. He’s a nasty, vile demon who’s going to take everything you have. If you resist, he’ll probably turn into Violator and eat you too. You’ve been warned.

Do you really need a reason why Catwoman would steal your candy? Of course not, because she’s a THIEF! Diamonds may be a woman’s best friend, but so is chocolate. I take her for a caramel lover too. And really, who doesn’t like caramel? You can expect her to do it with some style. You might be too focused on the fancy whip trick she just pulled to even care about your candy. But that’ll fade and the sadness will set in.

Quentin Quire
Deep down, Quentin might want to go trick-or-treating. What’s the likelihood he would if no one else would find out? That could potentially hold his interest. But he can do it all without leaving the mansion. He’ll make fun of you for partaking in all the Halloween festivities then wait for you to come back just to steal your candy! He may not even bother using his powers to separate you from your tasty haul. And he might not be alone. It’ll be “Riot At Xavier’s” all over again.