Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Five-Pack Part 3: The Ruiners

Happy Halloween! In this third segment of Halloween Five-Packs, we're taking a look at characters who will completely destroy any Halloween fun you were having. You're wondering how it could get worse if you had your candy stolen in part two. It could get MUCH worse. Read on to find out how.

Judge Dredd
If you couldn’t tell by the chin, Dredd isn’t exactly the fun-loving type. He is the law. You may set out into the streets of Mega-City One in your costume, expecting tons of fun and sweets, but that’s all out the window when you come across Dredd. Of course, I don’t expect trick-or-treating to be a community effort in Mega-City One in the first place. Hey, what’s your costume? Doesn’t matter. Because you just threw a candy wrapper on the ground. You like to litter, huh? One year in the cubes. How’s your Halloween now?

You’re asking yourself “how could Zatanna ruin Halloween?” Mostly out of boredom. She’ll do some cool tricks in the street, but now she has everyone’s attention. This means no more candy for you. And the candy you already have? She’s going to make it disappear. Not to be greedy, but because the art demands it.

Cletus Kasady is not the dude you want to come across while trick-or-treating. Or any other time for that matter. Where’d you get your costume? No one cares because you’ve been decapitated. How much candy did you get? Doesn’t matter, you just got impaled on a symbiote tendril. Being ripped to shreds and/or being eaten on Halloween is not a good look. She might also do that just for the fun of it. Either way, your night is over.

Poison Ivy
Dr. Pamela Isley can come from multiple standpoints to throw off your trick-or-treat fun. She might attack you out of anger because of all the kids trampling her plants. “Trick or treat?” If she says “trick,” don’t pull out those eggs. She’ll string you up on a tree. By its branches. Now you’re stuck and other people are running up to steal your candy.

You might think the Dreadnoks might be a fun bunch on Halloween. Well you’re right about the fun, except you won’t be having any. This group is going to steal your candy, make fun of your costume and try to tear it off you. Then they might decide to beat you up and probably kill you. Happy Halloween?

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