Saturday, September 22, 2012

Comic and Action Figure Haul

Another new comic day has come and gone. That doesn't mean the fun ends though. Here's my haul for the week. I had some good books waiting for me and also some surprise action figure pick-ups. I did miss out on Ultimate Spider-Man #15. That's my own fault because I haven't updated my pull-list in a while. I expect Daredevil #18, Cobra #17, and Ghostbusters #13 to be the best books of the week. I'm quite curious to see how Ghost #0 reads. I'm a bit behind in reading, so I won't know too soon.

I also hit up a Wal-Mart (one which hasn't been friendly to collectors of cool action figures) to find Marvel Universe wave 19. It's always nice when you can catch a full wave in one spot. It doesn't get any better than that. They were acually restocking that night, so I caught a fresh case. Check out wave 19 below.

The figure I was looking forward to most in this wave was She-Hulk. She's had some recent appearances of which I was fond. When I pick up my books this week, I'm going to see if I can order some trades from her last solo series. I'm curious how she holds her own. I know a few people who are still searching for Kang and Scarlet Witch. Good luck to them.

The paint apps are good for the most part. Punisher and Future Foundation Spider-Man have some questionable spots though. I was thinking about touching up both of them. The problem area on Punisher isn't that bad. FF Spidey's are a bit different. I'm not sure if Hasbro wanted his costume to have a more grayish look or shaded effect as opposed to the Marvel Legends Future Foundation Spider-Man which is pure white and black. Looking at it makes me think of art by Mike Deodato Jr. I happen to like that, but it didn't translate well. But then again, it could just be bad paint application. Toy collectors are quite familiar with that. Here are a few pictures to see it for yourself.

Well that's that. Of course I'll be picking up my books this week, but I'm also hoping to find Marvel Universe wave 18. Yeah, I missed a wave. How? I'm still not sure. That wave consists of Beast (in Astonishing costume), Beta Ray Bill (hell yeah), Hulk (new sculpt), and Kraven. Also in that wave are two versions of Ultimate Spider-Man. One of which is the Miles Morales variant. I don't want Ultimate Spider-man though. But I do want two of Beta Ray Bill as I'll be keeping one MOC.
Thanks for looking. Happy reading and toy hunting to everyone.