Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cover of the Week

Happy New Comic Day! I should have new comics in hand, but that will be delayed several hours. These shenanigans will not stop the fun. This does give me time to catch up on reading as I've been behind by about a week of books. But enough of that. Let's get to some beautiful art.

I like to call this one Daredevil #18. Paolo Rivera is certainly not afraid to provide readers with awesome art. Do yourself and your eyes a favor by looking at this piece.

Paolo Rivera knocked out an awesome cover for this issue. Just look at that. How cool is that? I'm no doctor, but my guess would be that this is the nervous system. If you have some medical knowledge, please feel free to correct me. I can't say anymore than that and the cover just speaks for itself. It says "I win." And I won't argue with it.

What do you think of my choice? Let me know. Thanks for looking. Happy reading to everyone.