Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cover of the Week

Are you ready to celebrate some art? You should or I'd expect you'd have little reason to be here otherwise. This one is sort of special in that it comes from an art team I've recently come across and whose work I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of.

Marco Checchetto and Matt Hollingsworth, for your cover to Punisher #16, we would like to welcome you both to this very exclusive club. There's no prize to collect. Nor are there any benefits. But I'm sure that's okay with you guys.

Seriously, look at that. First, it would be hard to ignore the GIANT skull in the background. Then there's Frank holding a gun to Cole's head with blood flowing down the bottom of the cover. I wonder what that means for the story. Hmmm. I also like the reflection of both of the characters in the blood. Nice touch. It's all topped off by the series' colorist Hollingsworth.

As stated, I do own one issue of this series from the Omega Effect crossover (which was good reading) and I liked Checchetto's work there. His pencils and Hollingsworth's colors are a great combination. I've been a fan of Rucka for a while and haven't read much Punisher, so I figured I'd try out the first collected volume. I'm looking forward to reading it.

What do you think of this week's winner? Are you a Punisher reader? What do you think of Rucka, Checchetto, and Hollingsworth's run? Let me know. Thanks for looking.