Thursday, October 11, 2012

Comics, Posters, and Toys...Oh My!!

New Comic Book Day was a glorious one for me this week. As the title indicates, get ready for comics, posters, and toys. I'll kick it off with the comics.

I haven't been reading Scarlet Spider, but you better believe I'm picking it up for the Minimum Carnage storyline. Dark Horse Presents #13 is rather redundant because my reason for ordering it was to read the section on Ghost. What I didn't know was it would all be collected in Ghost #0. Which I read last week. But since I have it, I'll of course read the rest of it. I was planning on ordering Saga TPB Vol. 1, but my shop was already on top of that, so I grabbed one.

And the best part? I'm all caught up on comics, so I can actually read these and discuss them in a timely manner. As you can see, I have some good reading ahead of me.

I am a fan of decorating walls with comic posters. If you could see my place, you'd probably fall in love with it. When I walked into my shop yesterday, I noticed they'd put up new posters. The owner pulled some out for me and the X-Men and Carnage posters jumped out to me. Let's just say my love for the X-Men and Carnage has been well documented.

Now on to some toys. You know how I love some action figures, especially Marvel Universe. For those of you who don't know, Hasbro's Marvel Universe toyline consists of G.I. Joe sized (roughly 3.75 inch) representations of Marvel Comics characters. Most of the figures below are from wave 18 (part of series 4). I missed this wave at retail but did fine wave 19, which you can see here. I am a bit of a MOC collector. I limit it to characters I really like, who also look good carded. So Beta Ray Bill got a twin.

All but Magneto came from Hasbro Toy Shop, while he came from Walmart. When I was placing my order, I was $0.05 short of free shipping. The difference between shipping cost and another figure was minimal, so I figured if I'm going to pay that, I'd rather take another toy. I went with Ghost Rider because I wanted to see how I could make him look in black. I grabbed Magneto so I could paint him in his true colors. GR and Mags are from earlier waves, 10 (series 2) and 16 (series 3), respectively. I'll post updates when I'm done with them.

I've been looking forward to Beta Ray Bill since he was announced and I'm not disappointed. His jaw even hinges which is a great touch on a smaller sized figure. Toy Biz had the same feature on their Marvel Legends version. His shoulder pads are attached to his cape. It's a serious issue, just a design aspect to note. If you look at Beast in package, you might be able to see his right leg is warped. In this picture, you can see him leaning a bit. It's easily remedied and as of this posting, he has been fixed. Easy peezy.

I'm digging the new Hulk sculpt. Here's a comparison with the Secret Wars comic pack Hulk. The first one is bulkier and the articulation suffers for it. I like the new paint job too. So my vote goes to the wave 18 Hulk.

So that's my amazing haul for the week. Did you have a great haul you wanna share? Are you reading any of the same comics? What do you think of my decorative material? Are you a toy collector? Let the world know. Thanks for looking.