Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cover of the Week

Hey comic readers, New Comic Book Day has come and gone but the fun doesn't have to end there. And fun it was. I got some great stuff, which you'll see shortly. On to the matter at hand. That is Greg Capullo and FCO Plascencia's slick die-cut cover for Batman #13. Check it out.

Once you flipped Joker's stretched out skin, it reveals Batman's always cheery mug. It's just a good looking cover that brings back images of many 90's comics. I remember seeing complaints about Capullo's work at the start of this series. I didn't understand it because I liked what he was doing issue after issue. This cover only adds to what he's brought visually to the number one Bat-book since the New 52 began.

Lots of readers have been curious about what the Joker has been up to since his earlier appearance. I can't wait to read it. The response from the twitterverse has been nothing but positive. That's pretty much expected because this is definitely one of the better DCnU books.

What do you think of Capullo and Plascencia's piece? Let the world know. Thanks for looking.