Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cover of the Week

Happy New Comic Book Day! This week brings something new from a familiar artist. Here is Stjepan Sejic's cover to Sleepy Hollow #1 brought to us by Zenescope Entertainment. You might recognize Sejic's name and style from the beautiful pages of his Witchblade run with writer Ron Marz.

It's the headless horseman people. Headless. Horseman. Need I say more? I really don't NEED to, but of course I will anyway. Check out the black horse. I'm digging the fiery eyes, mouth and nostrils.

The only aspect I would've preferred to see differently is the main weapon. Horseman, especially of the headless variety, like swords. I'm pretty sure it's in the headless horseman guidebook. But he'll do damage with what he has, which includes a chain-whip. And how often do you see one of those? Nice addition if I say so myself. And of course there's the giant moon in the background. Another nice looking piece from a talented artist.

I might look into this series. I'm unfamiliar with series artist Alan Otero, so I'll have to do some research.

What do you all think? Did any of you pre-order this book? I'd love to hear thoughts. Your fellow readers await. Thanks for looking.