Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Book of the Week

As we get ready for this week's releases to hit shelves, here's one last piece of comic book goodness to keep your fangirl/fanboy hearts pumping. I know a lot of people will have all that stuff about creators, fans and cosplayers in mind, but let's shine some light on something fun for a bit as I highlight my book of the week.

Here's the list of books I picked up: Avengers #33, Avenging Spider-Man #14, AvX: Consequences #5, Batwing #14, Detective Comics #14, G.I. Joe #19, Iron Man #1(NOW!), New Avengers #32, Scarlet Spider #11 and X-Men #38. My favorite read of the week was X-Men #38 written by Seth Peck, drawn by Paul Azaceta, colored by Rico Renzi and lettered by Joe Caramagna.

After the events of the previous run, Domino decides to take a break from the team. I like this move because Domino's a fun character who hasn't had this much attention in quite some time. Pairing Domino and Daredevil might raise questions as to how they'd even cross each other's paths. The answer lies in the writing. Peck makes it work. An underground casino for the villainous spandex crowd? Sounds good to me. Even though they have different purposes for being there, Domino and Daredevil find themselves teaming up. Daredevil was quick to refer to it as a team-up, while Domino was quick to reject that. That's until the end of the issue at which point they discover their mission is bigger than they originally imagined.

I have to give credit to the creative team for the villain cameos. I always appreciate a Wrecking Crew appearance. They're a team of villains that should receive more attention. Cameos by Constrictor and Tigershark round out my favorite appearances.

Visually, Azaceta and Renzi provide solid work throughout the issue. The action sequences are conveyed well. There are two panels inparticular of which I took note. The first depicts DD taking out some security guards. He extends a baton to the side in both directions break the guard's visors knocking them out. This is coupled with Caramagna's sfx; a "krack" to each of the guard's heads. The second scene may be my favorite that Azaceta has drawn. He has the Wrecking Crew getting ready for action. Wrecker is up front with his trusty crowbar. Thunderball is on his right, complete with twirling wrecking ball. Off to the left sitting at the bar are Piledriver with a drink and Bulldozer cracking his knuckles.

If you've been enjoying this title, I'd recommend to keep picking it up. The set-up for the next issue should make this a fun little tale. Let the world know what you think. Thanks for looking.