Saturday, November 24, 2012

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow #19 Review

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow #19 is the next chapter of the "Target: Snake Eyes" storyline running through this title as well as G.I. Joe. To catch you up quickly, while falsely being believed to be dead, Snake Eyes returned to his clan, the Arashikage. Upon discovering he was very much alive, the Joes think he abandoned them and Storm Shadow believed his sword-brother to have truly rejoined him and their clan. The events of the last issue as well as this one call both of those notions into question.

Chuck Dixon has proven himself capable of handling the G.I. Joe franchise for IDW Publishing. Here however, there are several bits of the overall story tied together that don't mesh well. The ending set up something we should have gotten in this issue. Scarlett stating that she believes Snake Eyes is working deep cover and Helix's progress on the tail of the silent ninja are the only redeeming elements of the issue.

Alex Cal and Romulo Fajardo Jr., artist and colorist, respectively, give the book a look that resembles the work of Mike Deodato Jr. That aspect fits this title because it is about two of the most popular ninja in fiction and their clan. There's a lot of secrecy involved, so the use of shadows is fitting. Beyond that, there aren't many remarkable visuals.

I recommend staying away from this issue. You won't miss a beat by skipping this book. My primary complaint is that it doesn't add much to the crossover. For a book about two highly-efficient ninja, this book doesn't work well. Each issue of a story may not have complete focus on the main character, and there's nothing wrong with that. But in those cases, the books tend to add significant elements to the overall story. So pick this up at your own risk.