Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cover of the Week

Happy (post) New Comic Book Day! The first Wednesday of November was big. Not only did a ton of new books come out (of course), but included in there were several series debuts. I'm curious about a few of them. If you picked up or plan on picking up a #1 this week, let the world know.

Let's welcome the talented Gabrielle Dell Otto to the winner's circle for his cover for Avenging Spider-Man #14.

Spider-Man inside a dinosaurs mouth? What is this? Yes, Spider-Man is headed to the Savage Land for all types of prehistoric shenanigans. Here, Spidey is standing on the tongue and holding the mouth open. Can you imagine what's going through Spidey's head as he's a muscle spasm away from being a meal? This dino's mouth is clearly watering for what could be a cue horrible sticky meal pun nice meal.

Dell Otto also did the interior for this issue. That should be a treat for his fans. I can't remember the last book he drew besides Secret War.

Let me know what you think. Thanks for looking.