Friday, March 16, 2012

Haul for the Week of 3-14-12

I finally made it out to my shop after being away for a few weeks. So of course I brought home a ton of books. That of course never bothers me, but it's better now that I'm almost up to date on almost everything on my pull-list. Almost. So take a look at the fun a three week absence can provide.

Yes, there are a lot of goodies here. From Marvel including some X-books, Spidey, and Moon Knight, amongst others. The ones tagged with that ugly DC logo are mostly #7's. Some standouts include Batwing and Batwoman. Image, comic publisher supreme, produced an issue of Invincible I missed, Spawn, Thief of Thieves (which I want to try out, but I still need #1) and Walking Dead (which I'm still behind in). A few of IDW's G.I. Joe titles. Some Dark Horse titles, Immortal and The Strain. And rounding out the haul is Dynamite Entertainment's Nowhere Man. So basically, I have some good reading to look forward to. Simply amazing.

Oh, did you think I was done? No way jack. I had to hit up Target in hopes (they slacked for most of 2011) that they restocked some action figures. Check them out.

I mostly collect Marvel Universe and G.I. Joe, but I also like Marvel Legends and have been waiting to get my hands on the new figures. I only found these three there though. I'd like Thor as well. Here's hoping I find him. I would've preferred Iron Man's current armor to the Extremis armor, which I still like, so no complaints. I think he'll look good next to the Iron Man 2 War Machine movie series figure.

I don't know what it is about Klaw, but I've become a bit of a fan of him after picking up his Marvel Universe comic pack version and seeing him in several comics including a recent issue of the relaunched Daredevil series. The same applies to Constrictor. He was a character I had little knowledge of until I grabbed his Marvel Universe figure. I haven't read any comics with him however.

For the G.I. Joe figures, I hadn't expected to see any of them for a while if at all. I'm a fan of Sci-Fi and definitely happy to see him. With Airtight, I was on the fence about him. I want the character, but I wasn't totally sold on the Renegades version. After checking out a couple of reviews, I'm gonna keep him.

Love the haul? Of course you do. What's not to love? Awesome comics and figures make for a great day. This is Dragon signing off. Thanks for nerding out with me.