Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - 3-22-12

Hello funny book lovers. Welcome to my new weekly feature, Thursday Thoughts. This feature will consist of five thoughts related to comics (and occasionally other nerdy interests). Sometimes an entry will include topics directly dealing with certain comics, characters, creators, publishers, conventions, cosplaying, the industry in general, and any number of other areas. Sometimes I will throw in something about toys, video games, tv shows, and movies. With that said, let us begin.

1. Being that this is the first entry, I must start it off right. I think Cyclops is the greatest X-Man. Why? Because he's been around since the start and he's awesome. Despite Wolverine's popularity, I like him too, Cyclops is the face of the X-Men to me. It hasn't been easy, but he's led the X-Men and maybe he's made some questionable decisions along the way, but a leader can't always make everybody happy.

2. Image and Dark Horse are my favorite Indie publishers. As a kid, I loved Spawn and Wild.C.A.T.s. I fell out of them for a while, but got back into Spawn several years ago. I've read many Image titles over the years, especially recently as my tastes have expanded. Dark Horse kinda surprised me. While going through my collection one day, I noticed how many Dark Horse titles were there. Not complaining at all. They were all quality books. Currently, I have several books from both publishers on my pull-list. Mostly Image course. And they rock. I recommend The Activity, Shinku, and Spawn. Image, especially, likely has something for almost any reading taste.

3. DC’s New 52 novelty is wearing off. It really is. I've just been looking at the series, some of which I'm actually enjoying. Some I feel like I might be reading just to read. I've dropped a few and plan to drop more. I just don't care about much of them anymore. It was new and exciting while being mysterious as well. Not so much anymore. The fun has faded for the most part.

4. I disliked Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. I liken them to chores for the most part. The only part from the series that I really enjoyed was the downloadable combat map in AA. On this map, you could fight goons endlessly until you died. I'd have some fast-paced rap playing and would just go at it. I had a ball. The rest of the game? Not so much. I couldn't wait to get through with most of it. I had to do a second play-through for an achievement or two and it was mad boring. I kid you not. I questioned if the achievement was even worth the trouble. And its' sequal, AC, wasn't any better. More space in the city, blah blah blah. It still wasn't fun.

5. Avengers movie action figures suck. Seriously. They look horrible. Take a look a few here. Especially that hideous Hulk.

And these are from the same company who makes G.I. Joe, Marvel Universe, and Marvel Legends? Wow. I shouldn't be surprised considering how a lot of movie figures seem to lack in quality. But it's never been an entire movie line. X-Men Origins: Wolverine had some figures worth purchasing. Even though they weren't that great. Iron Man 2 had several as well. Next time you step into the action figure aisle, if you haven't seen these abominations already, take a look at them. But don't stare too long, you'll be scarred by ugly forever.

So what did you think about this debut entry of Thursday Thoughts? Have a subject you want to know my thoughts about? Let me know and I'll throw it in. Keep it nerdy my friends. Thanks for looking.