Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kelly Sue and Dexter Soy Bring Back Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel

I've been preparing a post about some Marvel females who should be starring in their own series, because, well Marvel is slacking in that area. On March 17th at WonderCon 2012, Marvel revealed that Kelly Sue Deconnick and Dexter Soy will be teaming up to put Carol Danvers back in the spotlight. One quick note, I wish I was at WonderCon. It's one I would like to attend at some point. For the convention and just to visit the area. But back to the point, in July, former Ms. Marvel will be returning to a solo book as Captain Marvel.

I've grown fond of Ms. Marvel in recent years after seeing her in action in more Avengers' books as well as in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance video games. I don't have much knowledge of Kelly Sue outside of her arc on the previous Supergirl series. And I don't believe I've heard of Dexter Soy before. Below is a preview page of Soy's work.

I will say I'm not really digging her new costume. The design as a whole doesn't appeal to me. But maybe that'll change when she's slinging enemies around the cosmos. I figure a fist in the face of a cool enemy might enhance anyone's appeal.

I wonder they have in store for Ms. Danvers. It'll be interesting just for the fact that when it's released, it'll be the only female series available. That takes me back to the list of characters who could hold their own in either an ongoing or a mini. What do you think about Carol returning to some solo adventures? Let me know and thanks for looking.