Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cover of the Week

Happy New Comic Day! As I said on twitter, it's a general statement, because the holiday sort of delayed my shop getting books. They may have gotten them late today, but I'll just head there tomorrow. I have too much xbox action right now with my bestest xbl buddy. We finished up some special ops achievements from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I finally have 1000g on that game; after 2 plus years. There was also some Borderlands and Gears 3 action.

But enough of the gamer talk for now, let's get to the comics. I'm happy for a shorter week, because I need to catch up on the previous two weeks anyway and it's lighter on the bank account.

Another lovely day of new comics bring with it another Cover of the Week entry. So ladies and gentlemen of comic fandom, let's have a round of applause for Bionic Woman #2. And here's a surprise for you, this is another title I don't read. If you're a regular visitor here, I hope your sarcasm detector is functioning properly. It's funny how many books I don't read have cool covers. Some of which have enticed me to read up on them.

I'll be honest, as always so there's really no need to even say that, I don't always care for Paul Renaud's work. It just doesn't always sit well with me. But Bionic Woman #2 is a different story. I saw this image on Monday while looking through the releases for the week and I was pretty sure I had my Cover of the Week. First, blue is my favorite color. Royal blue specifically. Here's the Bionic Woman dressed in blue and black riding a blue and black motorcycle. I love it. But beyond the blue, you can't go wrong with a cool woman riding a motorcycle. The background adds a few elements as well. Nice piece all around.

So that's it for this my friends. As always, thanks for stopping by. And happy reading to everyone.