Monday, May 14, 2012

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #9 Review

I jumped onto the new Turtles series around the release of issue 7 or 8. Both of those books earned my Cover of the Week. So the day one of those issues came out, I figured I'd grab it and see how the Turtles have been keeping busy. But of course I couldn't read it and have an idea of what's been happening, so I asked a buddy at Lost World of Wonders in Milwaukee, WI to hold onto the first five issues for me. I caught up and was definitely adding the book to my pull-list. But enough of that back-story, let's talk TMNT #9.

After their battle with the Mousers, the Turtles are masterless as Splinter was taken by Hob. The brothers with Casey and April tagging along head to Stockgen for answers. This book ends with the arrival of the Foot Clan, Karai and Master Shredder.

We get a little action and some story progression. Eastman and Waltz are doing good things with story pacing. Duncan and Pattison are providing some solid visuals. It's a good book all around.

If you aren't reading TMNT, you should check it out.

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