Monday, May 14, 2012

New Avengers #25 Review

New Avengers #25 serves to show a connection between the Phoenix force and the Iron Fist. That's it. No Avengers. No X-Men. Bendis takes us back some hundreds of years ago to K'un Lun. The tale is centered around Master Yu Ti and his dreams of "A bird of fire. A girl with hair crimson. The dragon versus the bird."

I find it hard to recommend this book even for fans of Deodato. There are only two parts of this book I took notice of visually. The first is the "battle" of the Phoenix and the dragon. It looks decent, but not enough to warrant purchasing this book. The second is one of the characters in the mystical city has hexagram 30 of the I-ching on his clothing. The only reason I mention this is because I thought of the Arashikage symbol from G.I. Joe which is hexagram 63.

Maybe the "events," if you can call them that, of this book will play out in the next issue. But I doubt you'll be lost. If you've already purchased this issue, I'm sorry for you. If you haven't, skip it. Save your $3.99.