Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

What's up comic fans? Another New Comic Day has come and gone. These entries would be really effective if they involved the previous days releases, wouldn't they? But of course I must be difficult, so I dip into all areas. Nothing wrong with that at all though. So here we go.

1. What the hell happened in AvX: VS #1? I disagreed with both of those decisions. Thing besting Namor and Iron Man taking down Magneto? Say what? I would've voted both X-Men to win those battles. And that's not even due to my X-Men bias. I know it's not all lollipops and cotton candy, so I don't expect the mutants to win everything. I'm okay with that. But let's be honest here. Namor would handle Thing. Seriously. And they're underwater? Not even a contest. Now the Iron Man and Magneto fight would be a good one especially with Stark's newest armor. I'll concede that. Let's see what happens in number 2.

2. Speaking of AvX, I would love for event books, main issues and tie-ins, to show a reading order of some sort. It doesn't have to be a full list released. But with multiple issues being released on the same day, I like to know in which order they should be read. I've spent several moments trying to order a week's releases in what I think is the proper order. AvX has done this with a couple issues, well at least one anyway. All they need to do is place a quick message on the title page that could read "the events of this issue take place after issue #4." Easy peezy.

3. Spawn is pretty damn good right now. I read it as a kid and jumped back on when the new guy, Jim Downing, took over. As of the recent issue, #219, Jim is facing off against Malebolgia who's regaining his power and attempting to take over. I'm not totally digging the art, but it's decent enough. This recent issue shed some light on some of the behind the scene actions of heaven and hell. There's some interesting stuff here and I look forward to the next issue.

4. I really dislike name changes on titles. This is really a minor issue, but I really do dislike it. The X-Men to X-Men Legacy change still baffles me. I never understood it. One of the reasons I dislike it is because I rethink how I organize my collection. Going back to X-Men, it was known by that title, then they changed the name. But it didn't end there because they added another title called X-Men. Aaahhhh! This is the type of thing I go through. Its not really that serious though, just had to throw it out there. Sometimes I wonder why publishers don't just end a series and start anew with the new character or team instead of the change. But you, I guess that would make sense.

5. We're going green. No, not completely. I'm gonna show She-Hulk some love because she made two appearances last week. I've never read much with her, so it's kinda nice to get her in two books in one week. Both of which I'm reading too. Double dose of gamma action. I've only read the Avenging Spider-Man appearance though. And as stated, I've never really read much of her, so I don't have much knowledge of her character. I had this image of her being a more laid-back type of person, but that's not how she was depicted in Avenging Spider-Man.

Thanks for joining me again for as we look into the mind of a fanboy. Any comments are welcome. Do you have a subject you'd like me to weigh in on? I'll throw it in. Happy reading people.